I am an artist living in Andersonville, Chicago. I work primarily in watercolor and mixed media, drawing inspiration from the life and architecture of his vibrant neighborhood. My art is also influenced by my studies in Asian culture, languages and calligraphy.

I grew upin Northern California and studied Mandarin Chinese at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California.  After the military, I spent many years in NYC working as a graphic designer and computer programmer, before moving to Chicago in 2007.  While in New York, I studied the Japanese language and calligraphy at the Japan Society, where I earned the distinction of being designated a master calligrapher.

I am active in the Urban Sketchers community in Chicago.  In 2019 I won a national award for his mixed media urban sketch of Chicago's Chinatown.

My art is currently available at the Andersonville Galleria in Chicago.

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Paintings from around Chicago

Houses of Andersonville

Asian Influenced Paintings